Side swiped

Posted on May 27th, 2009 in Life by Quinn

Sharon and I are now dealing with something that we never thought we would have to deal with. About a few weeks ago my wife Sharon woke up in the morning with a painful lump in her breast. We didn’t panic, but she did quickly see her doctor who then ordered a mammogram. Shortly after they called her in for a biopsy and then, this past Friday we received the results from the surgeon.

She has in fact been diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer.

Fortunately, it is the most common type of breast cancer and therefore the most treatable. Unfortunately, that treatment is rather extreme which involves surgery in the form of a mastectomy proceeded by a few months of chemotherapy.

At first we were in shock and scared. However, we’ve had a few days now to digest, research and understand what is going to happen and the bottom line is she is going to survive. The treatment is going to suck, but the end result will get the cancer out of her body and we will go on to live a happy and full life together.

This thing came out of nowhere. Sharon has no family history of breast cancer and we didn’t even know it was there until the tumor was at least two inches. It just goes to show you that something like this can happen to anyone at anytime no matter what the circumstances.

Sharon’s surgery is next week and after that we will know some more about the extent of her treatment because there are some unknowns right now as far as if the tumor has spread and some other issues.

I will certainly keep everyone up to date and I thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and support.

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