To Vegas and Back

Posted on April 23rd, 2009 in Blog Blurbs,Life by Quinn

I hate Las Vegas! I really do. No offense to those who live there or those of you who may enjoy going there, but I can’t stomach the place.

Honestly, I feel a bit funny about complaining because there are so many of you out there who are suffering from the current economic recession and are without employment. My heart goes out to you…it really does…I know how difficult it is because I’ve been there too…several times.

I am incredibly grateful I have a job, don’t get me wrong, but damn! I am getting to old for this shit!

So, Tuesday morning I was getting ready for another typical day of work and then out of the blue I get a service call that’s all the way up in, yep you guessed it, Las Vegas. My first thought was “Oh hell!”, but then I started thinking well it’s still early…I’ll drive up there, give about an hour to work on the machine and turn around and drive back. Ya, it’ll be a pain in the ass but hey I’ll be home around 6 that night and I’ll get a few hours overtime.

I should have known better…

I make the drive and get up there around 2 o’clock in the afternoon and the machine is complete FUBAR! . It pretty much takes me the rest of the day to figure out how to fix it and determine that we need to replace a part, a part for which I do not have in my van…of course!

So guess who gets to stay the night in Las Vegas? Without any change of clothes, without any idea where I’m going to stay, or really any of the typical preparations one might make for an overnight stay.

Well, after buying a change of clothes, some basic supplies and not sleeping very well in a hotel that was found at the last minute, I fought the machine the next morning tired and disheveled and it fought me back every step of the way. Finally, around noon, I had won the battle and got the damn thing fixed. Grabbed lunch and made the four hour drive back yesterday.

Again, I am thankful I have a job but this job is turning out to have most of the criteria of which I do not desire to do anymore in my future career. I’ve been in field service since 1996 and I’ve paid my dues. I’ve had previous jobs where I spent a good deal of my time traveling to Vegas,  Sacramento,  Mexico, etc. etc. and I thought I was done.

This kind of situation does not fit my personality type so as such I hate it…I hate it with a passion. Sure, it was fun and adventurous at first but it gets old real fast. However, I do it because it pays the bills.

I suppose the solution is to “bite the bullet” and start looking for employment that would better meet my criteria. But of course that’s increasingly difficult with fewer jobs available and increasingly more people competing in the job market. It’s all a bit frustrating so in the end I tell myself  “at least I have a job, right?”.

I know this sounds incredibly trivial for those of you suffering from unemployment right now and I apologize. Like I said, I’ve been there several times myself and I know if I were reading this during those times I would have shrugged this off and said “Shut up! You big whiner!”

I guess if I could offer up something productive from this rant for those of you out looking for employment is to always keep in my mind the bigger picture.

If you have responsibilities to take care of, a family to provide for, bills to pay etc. and you are offered a job that you may not like or even hate, by all means take it. Trust me, you are going to make more money and be quite a bit happier than you ever would be collecting unemployment checks every week. However, just because you found a job doesn’t mean you have to stop looking for something you would enjoy more. Which brings me to my final point.

When one is looking for a job, and I am certainly just as guilty of this, it’s easy to get caught up in the whole minutiae of it all. What I mean is we get caught up in how our resume is worded, how our cover letters look, what to say and do on interviews, how much we get paid and all of those things are important. However, don’t miss the opportunity to take some time and analyze what it is you are really looking for in a career. In other words, what is it that you would enjoy doing? What are you honestly looking for in a job? Not just in pay scale, though that certainly is important, but what kind of work situation would you enjoy working in?

We all have unique and different personality types and therefore we all have different work situations that are more conducive to our overall happiness. Let’s face it, you will spend most of your time at work so if your not happy at work your un-happiness will spill over to other aspects of your life. Your family, your health through increased stress and so forth.

With that in mind I will leave you with this exercise. Make up two lists. In the first list write down everything that you liked about your current and past jobs. Then next to that list write down everything you disliked or hated about your current/previous employment. Be as brutally honest as you can and don’t leave out any of the details even the most insignificant.

In the second list write down everything you have ever done in each of your jobs you’ve ever had in your career. Again, be as detailed as you possibly can. With these two list together you now have a fairly detailed idea of what you could be looking for.

Take these two lists and start looking at job descriptions on any of the job sites online. Keep an open mind about what you see and compare them to your lists. I think you might be surprised by the number of different possibilities you may never have thought of before. Once you have found some postings that you find interesting write them down or print them up.

Now you have your two lists and some job descriptions to work with. You have a good picture of what you want and don’t want, what you have done and what you can do, and finally what employers are looking for. Do you see what I’ve done here? This would be an excellent point to now build your resume.

So, there you go. I started off with a rant but left you with something useful that will hopefully help you out.

Yep, I’m that good 😉

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