Okay, That’s It…I Quit!- Day One & Day Two

Posted on March 2nd, 2009 in Blog Blurbs,Life by Quinn

The only reason I’m posting this is to possibly elicit some sort of accountability…I guess.

I am now in my second day without a cigarette! Yes, that’s right I’m finally trying to quit smoking. Though this time I’m trying for real and using a Transdermal Nicotine patch program. Which, for the most part seems to be working.

By “working” , I mean it seems to be staving off the bodies desire for nicotine which surprisingly does help to a degree of actually kicking the habitual parts of smoking.

However, it is still a battle. A battle that I’m deep in the second day of fighting. The first day, yesterday, wasn’t actually all that bad for me. Aside from a couple bouts of temptation…(it’s just too damn easy to run to the gas station and buy a pack)…and the sudden urges to sit outside on the patio. I managed to keep myself occupied with other things to keep me from giving into those temptations.

Day two however, has been a little tougher battle thus far. The morning cigarette with coffee, the one after breakfast, the one while I’m preparing for work, the smoke I have while I think of things to write on the blog…etc. etc. etc.  Wow!, I didn’t actually realized how much I smoked until I stopped.

On the positive side, I am learning other ways of dealing with stress. Smoking was a stress relief and relaxation tool for me, so now I have to retrain myself. Yesterday, both my mother and my sister taught me how to knit with needles , as opposed to a loom which I have often done before. I trekked down to Michaels and bought some circular knitting needles and some yarn and knit until my fingers were sore. I’m actually about halfway finished with the simple baby cap I’m making.

First needle knit cap

I know, real manly , huh? But hey! I drink beer, I work on my cars, hell! I fix complex electro-mechanical crap all day long!

Anyway, getting off track.

Today is going to be tougher because I have to work today, which involves my greatest temptation to smoke and that’s driving. Usually quite a bit of driving.

I just need to get through today and I’ll be alright I think.

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