Full Disclosure – Part 2

All right, so in part 1 of this I went over most of the important things I look for in relationships. This second part is where I go over things about myself. Hopefully this will help serve as a reminder to me that I’m far from perfect – and maybe help others understand me a little bit better.

Alright, let’s get this started with:

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI): INTP (find your type here)

I’ve found a lot of interesting insight about people based on their MBTI. This doesn’t tell you what type of person they are, but it does help you understand they way they tend to process things in life.

I won’t even bother with my astrological sign, as I think it’s complete bullshit.

Hmm… what next? How about my strengths. This isn’t always easy to do for yourself, but many of my friends have been nice enough to inform me of some of my strengths (and also my flaws, coming up next). These are in no particular order…

– Smart, able to comprehend complex things
– Logical, can usually figure out a solution to a problem
– Insightful, able to see things from many different angles
– Funny, make people laugh, not afraid to look like a dork
– Easy to talk to
– Knowledgable in many different areas
– Creative
– Musically inclined
– Direct and to the point
– Honest
– Dependable, I’m there when you need me or when I say I will be
– Helpful
– Caring
– Easy-going
– Stable
– Good with computers
– Generally able to give good advice
– Trustworthy, people know that they can talk to me and I’ll maintain their confidence
– More than one female has said that they feel safe when I’m around (not just girlfriends)
– Non-judgemental
– Perceptive
– Patient
– Tolerant
– Will be that one friend who will tell you the truth, even when it hurts
– Good in the kitchen
– Self-sufficient (cook, clean, iron, laundry, etc for myself)
– Good driver
– Good father
– Pretty good judge of character

Here’s a list of my flaws (that I know of):

– Sometimes too direct and to the point
– Sometimes the truth isn’t what somebody wants to hear and I’ll say it anyway
– Don’t always show how I feel
– Procrastinate a lot
– Lack initiative sometimes
– Not especially ‘driven’ or ‘goal oriented’
– Distant and/or withdrawn at times
– Put up with some things too long
– Lack self-confidence in many areas
– Like to be in control too often
– Can be inflexible at times
– My humor can sometimes be a bit mean-spirited
– Will sometimes try avoid answering a question that I don’t want to answer

General things about me:

I’m mostly an introvert, but have learned how to cope with social situations (the one thing that I can thank my evil step-mother for). If I’m lucky, I can be in a social gathering, but remain off to the side by myself and get to enjoy people-watching. I tend to do well one-on-one or in small groups. After periods of being around other people a lot, I tend to seek solitude to sort of ‘recharge’. Sometimes I’ll hole-up for an entire week, but at some point I come back out.

Nights are my favorite time. Having a 9-5 job has forced me to adapt to being a day person, but I do get out into the night when opportunity arrives. The beach at night is so relaxing!

The outdoors are nice and I like to go hiking and camping, especially in areas away from the city. When gas wasn’t so expensive, I used to like driving down roads I’ve never been on before, just to see where they went.

I have a tendency to be cynical and sarcastic. Usually it comes out as a very dry sense of humor. It can also be playful ribbing and personal jibes. Some people might think I’m being rude, but I generally don’t mean anything by it. If I really had a problem with something, I would just tell them directly.

My mind tends to drift (partly because I have ADD), which can sometimes make it difficult for me to stay focused on a conversation. Additionally, this tendency also means that I tend to be very random and odd to most people. My humor is often laced with innuendo and/or will come seemingly from out of nowhere. Usually this is because my brain has somehow found some round-about connection with something within my scope of view/hearing. This isn’t always the case, since these odd and strange ideas can also just come out of nowhere except my imagination. Friends tell me that I’m odd/strange/weird – but not in a scary way.

Theory and abstract thinking are where my thoughts tend to dwell most of the time. Time and time again I’ll find myself pondering the connections or causes of things – no matter how random, strange, mundane, or unimportant. Ideas and concepts just occur to me out of the blue sometimes. An example of this is how I learned to tie a necktie 2 different ways without ever having seen it done or tried to do – after I pictured it in my mind I borrowed one of my step dad’s ties and tried it out and was amazed that my idea worked. Other things like how French onion soup became so popular or why pork is shunned/forbidden by some religions. Heck, even existential topics, with a bit of strangeness thrown in: are we just a bunch of specks of dust (or atomically small objects) floating around in a bedroom closet in some larger universe – and our lifetime is just a fraction of a second to that universe? Yeah, shit like that.

Take the last sentence of the previous paragraph into consideration for a moment. Yep, I swear. In person, I swear a lot more. There aren’t very many words that I won’t say, either. I do a good job around mixed company, but when I’m just relaxing with friends, I just let it flow. Some days are worse than others and it really just depends on my mood. People that eschew cussing probably won’t be comfortable around me.

Okay, so there it is. I’ve splilled my guts, both good and bad, to the world. I might come back and add to this as stuff occurs to me

This entry just didn’t know when to quit!

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