This is where I write something about myself in third person narrative so it appears as though somebody else is writing about me. You’ll probably yawn at least once while reading it, too.

Gabe is a guy that doesn’t like to talk about himself. He prefers to express himself in odd ways — his blog being one of them. He uses the blog as a way to express himself in whatever way suits him at the time. It also serves as a way for his distant family and friends to see what he’s up to from time to time.

You may have noticed that the word “way” has appeared 4 times on this web page so far. That time made it 5.

Gabriel Tetrault lives in Southern California with his son, Rece. He hates the heat during the summer and the dense population of phony, arrogant, self-serving, materialistic, flaky people that live there. Why he still lives there is a complicated story; most of it is just a bunch of lame excuses.

When he was younger, Gabe played the drums. In high school he and his friend Quinn started a band they named “Legion 3”. It was short-lived, but a lot of fun. He enjoys listening to a fairly wide variety of music, but most of the time he prefers indy and alternative music.

Gabriel likes to travel, with natural surroundings being a favorite destination. This interest in travel has led him to take up hiking and geocaching. While far from being a globe trekker, he’s seen quite a bit of the United States. He prefers to drive to get to where he’s going and looks for places of interest along the way.

Gabriel has started to get more into photography lately. You can find examples of his photography on his Flickr account.

To be continued …