Aug 6 2013

Back to Geocaching

I’ve been Geocaching since 2003. Like most new hobbies, I did A LOT of it at first. Eventually I found other things to do with my time, but I never completely quit Geocaching – I just slowed it down quite a bit.

This month I got my regular Geocaching newsletter, which I always read. In it they announced a 31 Days of Geocaching challenge. They were encouraging people to get out and find at least 1 geocache a day for the entire month of August. I’ve been sitting here at my desk, staring at the screen all sedentary and shit, and not really getting out and moving much for months. Part of it is because of the unbearable heat we get out here in Menifee during the Summer, but to be honest I have to admit that most of the reason is just sheer laziness. Seeing how I hadn’t been doing much Geocaching lately, I decided that I’d give this challenge a go and try to get back into it.

So far I’ve missed 1 day (August 4th) of the challenge but have chosen to keep going and I’m doing pretty well so far … well, considering it’s only the 6th now. Today was a bit of a challenge, however. According to there are quite a few geocaches in my area. What it doesn’t, or rather can’t, tell me is whether or not those geocaches are still there. I went out to grab one near my house only to find out that it’s no longer there and hasn’t been in months. When I went to look up other local geocaches I found that many of them hadn’t had a “found it” posted in many months, and some of them hadn’t had a find posted for over 2 years! There are also a bunch of other geocaches where people have posted notes that the geocache was in need of maintenance or appeared to be missing but the cache owner never followed up with them. It seems that there’s a problem with geocaches in the area of Menifee!

What I’ve decided to do is to start searching for the long-ignored geocaches and either verify that they are still there or that they’re long gone. The ones that are gone I’ll recommend for archiving so they don’t show up on searches. The rest I’ll be able to post as a find, hopefully encouraging other local Geocachers to go out and find them, too. I might even place some new ones of my own again!

This entry was written from 33°43.148′N, 117°09.795′W.

Jul 25 2013

Waiting for my gal from Texas

Dawn flew out to Texas for work this week. She comes back today. We spend most days together in the same office, 5 feet apart. We spend almost all of our free time together. And even after 2 years of this arrangement we don’t get tired of one another.

When she flies out of town for a few days for work on occasion one might think that I’d welcome the break. Not so much – I miss the hell out of her. I can’t sleep right. I hardly eat. I find myself distracted all day.

So I guess that I’m still just a love-struck guy…

This entry sighed after reading itself.

Jun 27 2013

This is not a blog post

It’s been nearly 2 years since I’ve written anything here. I find myself deleting attempted spam comments two or three times a month. The regular updates to WordPress (the blog software running this) happen automatically and I dutifully update the database each time. So as long as I’m doing the work to maintain this blog (and a few others for friends & family), I figure it’d be good to use it!

So much has happened over the last couple of years, I don’t know where to start! Dawn & I are doing better than ever. Rece & Kimmie both graduated out of high school this month. Come September, we’ll become empty-nesters when Kimmie goes off to Denver to pursue her dream of becoming a pastry chef. The two of us are looking forward to exploring that next stage of adulthood together.

A year ago I started my own company, I.T. Rogue, LLC. I’m happy to report that it’s growing, albeit slowly. It’s such a great feeling to work for yourself!

Well, let’s see if I can find the time & motivation to start blogging again. I enjoyed doing it before, so I should like doing it again, right?

This entry went off to find itself and finally made it back.

Aug 27 2011

Qik Video

I just discovered a cool service called Qik. It allows you to live stream video from your phone to their website, plus it saves it for later. I’m only using the free service to see how I like it for now. To view my live stream you can either click on the Videos link above, or go to:

Not much at this point other than my lame first video test.

This entry will make lemons out of lemonade.

May 23 2011

Camping Commotion

It appears that we avoided another apocalypse! I was keeping a close eye on the park across the street as the predicted time of 6:00 pm came approached on May 21, 2011. My knowledge of bible scripture, albeit somewhat limited, was enough to know that children are considered “innocents” and would therefore be “raptured” along with all of the adult faithful. As I expected, the kids just continued laughing and playing and no sign of massive earthquakes being reported on the news.

For the record, I didn’t believe in any of Harold Camping’s predictions and laughed when I read his “math” computations for how he arrived at such a precise date and time for the rapture. I’ve never seen such a convoluted and confusing explanation to force somebody’s argument before. And to top it all off, to doubt the appointed time and not simply accept that this was going to happen was to cast doubt on your faith – so you just had to blindly believe or risk being “left behind.” What a joke.

What got me worried most about the doomsday prophesy was that at least one of my family members believed it was true. I was concerned that they would do something drastic, like some other cults have done, at the appointed time or after they realized it had passed and they weren’t included. Luckily I got an email a day later that at least let me know they were still alive.

Anyhow, I could ramble on and on about that scam, but I don’t want to take the time to type it. Ha!

In other news, my annual birthday camping (how’s that for a segue?!?) trip is not going to happen this year because Rece has to attend summer school. His lack of interest in school has come back to bite him and it ends up affecting not only me, but everybody else that was going to join us for the trip. What a bummer.

This entry likes the type of camping that involves tents.

May 19 2011

Late night updating

Here’s a late night … or rather early morning update session. Got started on updating a server for a client a couple of hours later than I had hoped. So here I sit, waiting for a server to finish installing a bunch of updates because the prior IT guy never applied them. Joy.

This entry doesn’t want to talk about yawning.

May 16 2011

Moving right along

Wow, it’s a new everything!

Life has changed considerably for me since 2011 began. I was laid off in January and then moved in with Dawn a couple of months later.

A little over three months along and everybody seems to have adjusted to all the changes. Rece is in a new school, still struggling with staying on the right path, but otherwise doing well. I’m keeping an eye out for business opportunities – making the best of all the free time I have without the 9-to-5.

Short blog post for now. Maybe I’ll try posting more often again.

This entry was originally scribbled in crayon.

Sep 30 2010

Lost in translation

I love my Google Voice service. The tools it provides in managing phone calls and message alerts is incredible, considering it’s a free service. One nice thing that it does is translates voice mail into text, then sends it to me as an email to my Gmail account and as an SMS Text message to my phone (breaking it into multiple texts, if longer than 160 characters).

Every so often I’ll get a message that proves to be a challenge for Google Voice to translate properly. Incidentally, it seems to have this problem with the same people leaving a message. I thought I’d share the latest voice mail-to-text message, as I found it quite perplexing …

“Hey Dave It’s wrong that I hey Canada capacity as money and not And I need everything over into a folder called old email, and I want to gmail. Like mail the on Dot Com and i are tied on my own messages and I just needed all of You know my older contacts in Bernie my old emails women archives front about how it works or whatever, so I’m not sure I would think that maybe I would just check in with you again and it doesn’t look like it’s doing and I sent some test from my work email to my personal email so if you can. 8 call me just definitely yeah. So anyway, I’ll look forward to hearing from you get when you get a chance talk to you soon bye bye.”

I’m not exactly sure, but there seems to be some sort of problem with Canada’s capacity that I need to resolve. I’ll see what I can do to fix that.

This entry wants Dave to know that he can’t do that.

Jun 3 2010

Change, mister? You got change?

I have to say that there is a heck of a lot of change going on in my life right now. At times it can feel almost overwhelming. Most of it is good, which is nice. You’ll have to settle for this vague post for now. At some point all will be revealed.

This entry is shifting daily.

Oct 20 2009

So what happened?

Well, it appears that I’ve gotten myself involved with too many outlets and not enough time (or inclination) to do them all. So with my 365 days of photos project, my time spent playing LOTRO (Lord of the Rings Online) with friends, hanging out or talking with friends, and just spending time to myself, I’m finding that some things are falling behind – this blog especially.

One thing that I’m currently having a difficult time in staying focused on is my 365 days of photos project. With the exception of just 2 or 3 days, I’ve been dutifully snapping at least one picture a day and then posting it online on a regular basis. The part that’s sometimes frustrating is that my motivation to do it is sometimes lacking — sometimes for days at a time — and I end up taking some lame picture just to get it over with. Then there are the times when I feel like I’ve been bit by the shutterbug, but due to work or other engagements, I run out of time – or the opportunity passes.

So this post seems to be mostly to whine about having too many fun and interesting things to do and not being able to get to them all. I guess I’ll leave it there.

This entry is spinning, spinning, spinning!